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Welcoming the Globalization's Era, UMS opened an International Program and UMS Gives Extensive Opportunities to the Students to get International experience in studying abroad.


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Lazismu UMS and BMT Amanah Ummah distributed groceries to COVID-19 the affected community

SUKOHARJO-Volunteers of UMS Movement Against Covid-19 distributed food packages to the community around campus who have been affected by the ...
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Volunteers of UMS care for Covid-19 were attending briefing session before distributing grocery.

Scheduled on Wednesday morning (04/08/2020), volunteers of UMS care for Covid-19 distributed food aid to the community. Before carrying out ...
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Hand sanitizers and Hand Soaps made by UMS students were ready to be distributed to the community

Approximately 650 antiseptic liquids (hand sanitizers) and hand soaps are ready to be distributed to beneficiary communities along with free ...
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UMS Against COVID-19

After observing the development of the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, UMS took action against Covid-19 by applying one way ...
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