THURSDAY, March 14, 2019. The four students of Darmasiswa RI 2018 from UMS—Liao Yingting (China), Mathus Moeithaisong (Thailand), Omnia Mohamed Daif (Egypt) and Rigina Muftakhova (Russia) participated in the Indonesian news reading competition held by Universitas Surabaya (UBAYA). The competition was attended by 21 universities in Indonesia, and 58 participants. The participants were Darmasiswa students from various countries.

The competition was opened by Rector of Univesitas Surabaya (UBAYA), Prof. Joniarto Parung, he gave a welcoming speech and hoped that the competition could run smoothly. Then, MC of the competition introduced three judges and read the rule of the competition.

The participants went to the stage one by one according to the numbers that have been obtained during registration, they are only given 90 seconds to read the news that has been displayed on the screen. Liao got number 5, Omnia got number 6, Mathus got number 23, and Rigina got serial number 27 to go to stage. It was their first experience to take part in Indonesian news reading competition, and they were happy got sertificate after taking part in the competition.