In an effort to introduce local medical treatments, UMS in a collaboration with UNDIP Semarang conducted a Summer Course on Indonesian Complementary Nursing Therapy. This activity was funded by RISTEKDIKTI through Institutional Strengthening of the Office of International Affairs grant (PKKUI) that UMS received this year.

The participants for the program were students from Public Health Department of Khon Kaen University Thailand, UNDIP international students of Medicine Department and Nursing and Physiotherapy Department of UMS. The summer course was held for two weeks from August 8-19, 2016 in UMS and UNDIP Semarang.

In UNDIP the participants had a workshop on Complementary and Alternative Medicine (CAM), oxytocin massage for breast-feeding, attended yoga class, visited a homecare, Sido Muncul Factory and Lawang Sewu, while in UMS the participants learnt about wet cupping (bekam), Indonesian foot massage to prevent diabetic ulcer, traditional herbal medicine in woundcare and coin rubbing (kerokan).

In addition, they also went to Tawangmangu to visit Balai Pembudidayaan dan Pelestarian Tanaman Obat (BPPTO) and Grojokan Sewu, learnt to make batik, played Indonesian Independence day games, and performed dancing and singing on the cultural night on the last day.