After observing the development of the spread of Covid-19 in Indonesia, UMS took action against Covid-19 by applying one way entrance and exit in the campus area. In addition, any people who enter campus must go through body temperature check using digital thermometer. If the body temperature exceeds the normal temperature, the person is not allowed to enter the campus area.

With regards to the teaching and learning process, UMS requires both lecturers and students and lecturers to use online mode of learning such as Schoology, Google Classroom and Zoom. Similarly, the midterm examination was held using Schoology application.

Lockdown is not only applied in campus, but also in Pesma K.H Mas Mansur student dormitory. All students residing in dormitory are not allowed to go outside of the dormitory.  To meet the students’ need for meal, the dormitory changes its policy of providing meals from 2 to 3 times a day. The Bureau of International Cooperation and Affairs always stands by assisting international students for instance distributing hand sanitizer and masks to international students and escorting them to the airport on their way to their home countries.