On the second days (25/6/2019) conducted International Food Festival which can be followed by public for free. In International Food Festival all those present were able to taste the food on the program.

Hepy Adityarini, Ph.D also the chair person of Edu-Cultural Fair 2019 UMS added that the contents of this program were to introduce foreign cultures to the society and create a sense of tolerance between cultures. Moreover UMS has about 100 international students consist of Thailand, Palestine, Jordan, Zimbabwe, Uganda, Sudan, Russia, Tiongkok, Mexico, Madagascar, etc.

“It would be better if we could introduce foreign culture to local people. In addition, it is also to foster a sense of tolerance, respect for foreign cultures, and also the international students who are here feel that the UMS really take care them out,” she explained.

From this program Hepy hoped that the Edu-Cultural Fair would not only be held once, but it can be routinely carried out every year. “In the future, if possible, it can be held routinely, held every year and inviting more participants. she hoped.

Through the international class, students are expected to interact and learn various cultures and also have an international experience. So that it can be achieved, it is necessary to collaborate with partner universities. So that between  UMS and the partner that cooperates, they can both benefit. (Khairul)