Universitas Muhammadiyah Surakarta (UMS) take a part in activities not only national partner but also international partner. As university oriented on international campus so UMS also partner overseas university in joint activities.

One of the activities is organizing Edu-Cultural Fair 2019. This program is organizing by Bureau of Collaboration and International Affairs (BKUI) for 2 days, Monday – Tuesday (June 24-25, 2019) at Siti Walidah Building UMS involved 6 overseas universities.

UMS is not known as the best national private university, but also known on overseas. That’s why one of this effort always to develop and corporation between university and countries. It’s like this Edu Cultural Fair 2019. Said by Head of International Affair, Hepy Adityarini, Ph.D. Tuesday (25/6/2019)

She said, Bureau of Collaboration and International Affairs has mission to lifting UMS’s reputation in international. Therefore on that program, BKUI showed to society that UMS has many partner overseas. .

“We have many universities partner overseas, so we would like to show general public that UMS has internationalized university. It doesn’t seem that not many know what programs we offer to the public,” she said.

This Edu-Cultural Fair 2019 involved by 6 universities partner, those universities are Dong-a University, Youngsan University, Queensland University of Technology, Universiti Tun Hussein Onn Malaysia, University of Leeds, and Universiti Putra Malaysia. Besides showing the presentation of partner universities, on the first day this activity presented performance by international students.

So far, UMS has 10 international classes in several study programs, are Civil Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Informatics, Communication Science, Nurse Science, Islamic Education (in Arabic), Management and Accounting.

Program internasional yang terdapat dalam 10 prodi tersebut tidak hanya berupa pembelajaran melalui bahasa asing, namun mereka juga dapat memilih untuk penjurusan Double Degree atau tetap berada di kelas internasional dan mengikuti program student exchange. (Khairul)

International Program in 10 study programs not only learning through in english but also they are able to choose Double Degree or still in international class and join Students Exchange. (Khairul)