Approximately 650 antiseptic liquids (hand sanitizers) and hand soaps are ready to be distributed to beneficiary communities along with free food packages. Both of these liquids is the products of UMS students. The volunteers of UMS  Movement Against Covid-19 have prepared antiseptic liquid in a 100-millilitre bottle.

Tri Harmoko, S.T. as the coordinator of hand soap production, said that hand soap was made by UMS Chemical Engineering students. “Everyone is welcome to join. Today some friends from Undergraduate (S1) and Postgraduate (S2) Chemical Engineering Program of UMS have started the production process.” said Tri to UMS Public Relations via WhatsApp, on Friday (3/4/2020)

The ingredients for making hand soap are made by using ingredients that are safe. Tri said that he could not mention the ingredients because he was worried that many people would make them without proper calculation of ingredient composition.

“I can not publish the ingredients, mas. I’m afraid there will be a misperception in the community… like hand sanitizer, many people have been trying to make it but they do not know the proper quantity. Insha Allah, it is safe and we have tried it,” Tri continued.

For the time being, Tri Harmoko and his friends plan to make 200 liters of hand soap. Until the time he was contacted, his team just finished producing 120 liters. “Our initial target will be 600 packs, so far there have been 400 packs of hand soap and some have been distributed to the community,” said the student of Chemical Engineering of Master Program.

“Besides hand soap, we also distribute hand sanitizers,” he added. (Risqi|Humas)

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