Immigration Regulation

The following is the recent procedures that need to be followed when entering the territory of the Republic Indonesia.

VISA & Immigration Regulations

International students coming International Priority Scholarship (IPS) and International regular Admission who will come to Indonesia within this 2 months must apply for study permit and visa to ministry of education, culture and research and technology of the republic of Indonesia with the following terms and conditions.

Student need to prepare the following documents to apply for study permit and visa:

  1. Scanned identity page of passport (minimum active 18 months)
  2. Letter of acceptance
  3. Latest medical report (2 months validity)
  4. Health insurance (if you don’t have health insurance from your country, you can write fill letter of statement with template provided)
  5. Academic transcript
  6. Graduate certificate
  7. Photo with red background
  8. Political statement
  9. Financial statement

Exit Permit Only (EPO)

Requirements Documents:
  1. Passport
  2. Copy of Limited Stay Permit
  3. Materai 10000
  4. Reference Letter+ Guarantee Letter + Copy of Guarantor’s ID
  5. Flight Ticket

Exit Re-Entry Permit (ERP)

Requirements Documents:
  1. Scanned of Passport + Visa Sticker
  2. Materai 10000
  3. Reference Letter + Guarantee’s letter + Copy of Guarantor’s ID
  4. Flight Ticket
  5. Scanned Boarding Pass
  6. Stamp from Immigration office