Scheduled on Wednesday morning (04/08/2020), volunteers of UMS care for Covid-19 distributed food aid to the community. Before carrying out the humanitarian action, the volunteers were given a briefing on Tuesday (7/4/2020). It is expected that volunteers will continue to carry out medical procedures to prevent the spread of the Corona virus.

Mahasri Shobahiya, M.Ag. The Chairperson of LAZISMU UMS explained that the procedures for distributing groceries must pay attention to security and politeness. Volunteers will distribute food packages directly to the beneficiary’s home. “We are trying to distribute this food aid, but it should not trigger any crowd. We intend to help the community, we shall humanize humans, therefore we need to give it politely,”she explained after the briefing.

Mahasri added that each volunteer would be equipped with masks, gloves and hand sanitizers. “So when they meet the community, volunteers can use the equipment,”s he said.

Grocery packages were wrapped in white plastic bags, printed with ‘UMS Movement Against Covid-19’. The package consisted of 5 kilograms of rice, 1 kilogram of sugar, 2 packs of tea, 2 kinds of soy sauce, 2 packs of egg noodles, 1/2 liter of cooking oil, 1 bottle of hand sanitizer, 1 pack of hand soap and a mask. “There were 804 packages of groceries in total. Approximately 100 packages were distributed to daily laborer at UMS, the rest were given to economically affected communities living around campus such as Pabelan, Gonilan and Makamhaji Village,” she said.

Since the movement was formed, LAZISMU UMS did not run alone, but it worked along together with BMT Amanah Umat, MDMC, Muhammadiyah Department and Branch Leader around UMS and volunteers consisting of students. Not but not least, the support from the donors who also played crucial role in in the movement. (Risqi|Humas)